• Philly Zine Fest 2014

    November 9th, 12-6pm
    The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St. | Philadelphia, PA

    PZF Website!

    This is going to be a HUGE zine fest for me. I'll be distro'ing all of my own work, so expect just a ton of books and zines. I'll have some new editions, like a new chapter of Ghosts I Have Seen (Illustrated by the elusive and enigmatic Mocha out of Athens, GA), a new poetry collab between me and my wife, Katie Haegele, and countless other goodies. There might even be some rad NES stuff available to be picked up.

  • Southern Honeymoon Zine Tour

    October 18th, 7-10pm
    Desert Island Supply Co, 5500 First Ave. North | Birmingham, AL

    D.I.S.Co.'s Website!

    We're teaming up with our favorite Alabama zinester, Burgin Matthews, to do our one and only reading while out on our honeymoon. One reading counts as a tour, right? Come to Desert Island Supply Co. for drinks and stories. Katie and I will have many books for sale!

  • Reading at Big Blue Marble Bookstore

    September 27th, 7-9pm
    551 Carpenter Lane, Blue Marble Bookstore | Philadelphia, PA

    Big Blue Marble's Website!

    The wonderful and benevolent Sarah Rose has invited me to read with her and a few friends at the Big Blue Marble Bookstore. It's going to be fantastic, and as we near October, I'll be reading from a bunch of stories concerning ghosts. Get ready to get spooky.

  • Small Press Expo - SPX

    September 13th, 11-7pm
    September 14th, 12-6pm
    Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center | Bethesda, MD

    SPX Website

    Woah! The Displaced Snail will be setting up at SECOND the biggest book event in America this year! I'll be setting up with a number of Microcosm titles along with two DSP publications: Allons-y: A Dr. Who Fanzine, and Winter Woods: A Horror Survival Card Game. This is going to be good.

  • Pete's Mini Zine Fest

    July 26th, 2-7pm
    709 Lorimer Street, Pete's Candy Store | Brooklyn, NY

    Pete's Website!

    This is going to be a really interesting zine fest! Not only will I be tabling with my books and new zines, but I'll also be debuting the physical presence of Bob-omb It!, my new NES repair shop. So come on out and see some old NES games and pick up some old Mario trading cards, all the while perusing your same ol' favorite micropress. What a world!

  • Scranton Zine Fest

    June 7th, 2014, 1-7pm
    Tripp Park Community Building | Scranton, PA

    SZF Website

    This is one of my favorite zine tests, I try to get to it every year. For the first time ever, I'll be disto-ing Displaced Snail Publications - I'll have over 30 publications, all released within the past 5 years! It'll be a hoot.

  • BEA BookCon

    May 31st, 2014, 11-6pm
    Javits Center NYC |

    BookCon Website

    Woah! The Displaced Snail will be setting up at the biggest book event in America this year! I'll be setting up with just 3 of my huge selection, a special edition of MOON printed onto our cotton paper, copies of crowd-favorite The Blue Suitcase: Deconstructing the Writing of an Angry Hermit, and hundreds of tiny, free copies of Terrestrial Invaders, a small book of insect fables. I'll be tabled with the great Brooklyn comics artist Mindy Indy, comic author Amy Chu, and a few other fun folks. Come find us!

  • Brooklyn Zine Fest

    April 27th, 2014, 11-6pm
    Brooklyn Historical Society | 128 Pierrepont Street in Brooklyn Heights, NY

    BZF Website

    Big ups this year! Displaced Snail Publications has been on fire this past year, and is excited to introduce a number of new projects, including MOON, a collection of 16 vignettes by 16 writers, poets, musicians, comedians - everyone! See the listing for SUN, the first of the series, HERE! Also on the table will be the Displaced Snail Publications First Five Years Zine Anthology, including over 15 zines, 84 poems, and over 13,000 words of prose! Hurrah! A few surprises might be in store, too...

  • Philly Zine Fest

    October 12th, 2013, 12-7pm
    The Rotunda | 4014 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa

    I'm pulling out all the stops for this year's Philly Zine Fest: My table will be featuring almsot entirely new books! Expect sequels (the new chapter of Ghosts I Have Seen!), collections (one massive 8.5x11" book featuring my first fifteen zines!), anthologies (SUN, a collection of 16 vignettes about the sun by 16 authors!), amidst a few old favorites. It's going to be a lovely event..

  • Frenchtown Green Fair

    September 28st, 2013, 11-5pm
    Old Frenchtown Field, Harrison St. | Frenchtown, New Jersey

    Come see what Displaced Snail Publications does with recycled materials! I'll have illustrations printed onto bamboo leaves, notebooks made of 100% recycled, trashpicked, or secondhand materials (with covers of vinyl wallpaper and carpet samples), and maybe a few second hand printed surprises. Come support a good cause in a great town!

  • Frenchtown Riverfest

    September 1st, 2013, 1-5pm
    Bridge Street | Frenchtown, New Jersey

    This is the first event I'll be tabling at in my new hometown! Katie and I will be fresh off of our Hit the Bricks Zine Tour, and will have all of our books and zines and wonderful things. We'll be setting up shop outside of Modern Love with in the middle of town, so if you're looking for a sweet little daytrip, come on out to the river and get to know Frenchtown!

  • Boxcar Books Reading

    August 29th, 2013, 7-9pm
    Boxcar Books | 408 E. 6th Street, Bloomington, Indiana

    What a fun reading this will be. I've always heard such nice things about Indiana, and we found just a swell place to read. Our last reading stop on the Hit the Bricks tour, Katie and I will be reading with local poet Richard Wehrenberg, Jr. Find us here to get a copy of the Hit the Bricks Zine Tour!

  • Error Records Zine Reading

    August 28th, 2013
    Error Records | 702 S. Neil Street, Champaign, Illinois

    Second stop on the Hit the Bricks zine tour, this time Katie and I be reading with local talent Fergus Lynch and Jeff Denight. Should be an absolutely radical, afternoon reading, in a record store - so come get some swag, too!

  • Biddle's Escape Zine Reading

    August 26th, 2013
    Biddle's Escape | 401 Biddle Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA

    Alright! The kick-off show for Katie Haegele's and my zine tour, Hit the Bricks! We're very excited to be seeing cities we've never seen, meeting people we've never met. I have a special edition tour zine filled with the poetry I'll read, and let me tell you, it's a pretty beautiful book. We're also really excited to be reading with Karen Lillis, the Small Press Librarian. This will be a great event at a neat little coffee shop, so come on out!

  • Bookbinding at the Resource Exchange

    July 28th, 2013
    Resource Exchange | 2829 Cedar Street, Philadelphia PA

    This is possibly my favorite store ever, and I was lucky enough to be asked to host a bookbinding workshop for them, with an emphasis on reused and reusable materials. It'll be a fantastic event, I've got at least 4 binding methods that I'm excited to show everyone, and I'm ready and willing to teach you everything you need to know about your printer. I've even run a few oddball materials thorugh mine to see what would stick...and best of all, the workshop is free!

  • Scranton Zine Fest

    June 8th, 2013
    New Visions Studio & Gallery | 201 Vine Street in Scranton, Pennsylvania

    Second year in a row! This was a rocking event last year, met some really cool people and got some really radical zines. This is one of the - very - few events I'll be doing solo, but I'll be there in full Displaced-Snail-Publications force. Here's a list of what I'll have: Lacey and the Ghost (a ghostly dialogue - only a handful left!), dinosaur postcard sets, Record Collecting: David Bazan, Record Collecting: Matt Pond, Worry About Your Future 5" lathe record, I Need a Bike (a sad short story!), and a few other things. Yes!

  • Punk Rock Flea Market

    10-5, May 19th, 2013
    The Punk Rock Flea Market Dome | 461 N. 9th St. Philadelphia, PA, 19123

    DSP's getting all punked up for this event. I'll be selling a lot - a LOT - of important things from my past, including old band t-shirts, records from my collection, zines, old CDs from my collection, weird old trading cards, and who knows what else. I might even part with some of my beloved instruments! Every purchase over $5 gets a free zine!

  • Trenton Ave. Arts Festival

    12-5, May 18th, 2013
    Trenton Ave and E. Susquehanna | Philadelphia, PA 19125

    Huge arts fest! Get ready for an onslaught of everything I've got: Collector's Mentality Card Game, vinyl records, zines, chapbooks, litmags, I might even bust out the sewing machine and make a bag or two to sell, it's been awhile. This is a huge and lively event with great food and great entertainment, make sure to come out to it. Just bring an extra few bucks to buy things from me so I can pay my tabling fee!

  • Brooklyn Zine Fest

    April 21st, 2013
    Public Assembly | 70 N.6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY 11211

    Finally, back to another zine fest! These past two years I've been working on weekends and have rarely been able to sell, though I have been creating and creative! Expect a slew of brand new things: vinyl releases from East Dark Hollow Road Records, small educational zines about Latin Roots called Tiny Robot, and some old standbys and newish releases, such as the reprint of Ghosts I Have Seen, the David Bazan Record zine, The Devil and Joseph Carlough, Trapped Rabbit 1&2, and whatever else I can make up! See you there!

  • The Feast of the King's Tax (Rutger's Ren Faire)

    9:30-5, April 13th, 2013
    Skelley Field, Cook/Douglas Campus | New Brunswick, NJ

    Cool! I love going to the PA Ren Faire each year, but I've never tabled at one before! I'll have a specifically nerdy array of items just in time for Rutgers' Geek Week, including a Dr. Who Anthology, a brand new card game about collections, and zines about learning Latin roots. Should be a lot of fun. Come in costume!

  • East Dark Hollow Road Records Kickstarter

    December 29th, 2012 to January 23rd, 2013
    The Internet | Kickstarter

    I put out a record! Welcome to my 5" lathe cut, Worry About Your Future, featuring one song on each side, written, performed, recorded by me, and mastered//engineered by my good friend Andrew Soto. The Kickstarter is to fund the record, and, ultimately, raise enough money to put out a larger release, thus putting into motion the record label I've always dreamed of, East Dark Hollow Road Records.

  • Philly Zine Fest

    October 27th, 2012
    The Rotunda | 4014 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa

    I've been having an exciting year in publishing. I'll have a few new additions to the table, including a fancy pants designer version of Johnathan Swift's A Modest Proposal, a new zine about record collecting, and a few old standbys. I cannot wait for the Philly Fest. I haven't done one in two years - it feels like hometown to me now!

  • Scranton Zine Fest

    12-6PM, June 9th, 2012
    New Visions Studio & Gallery | 201 Vine Street, Scranton, Pa

    Yes! I haven't done a zine fest in almost a full year. Hot damn. Anyhow, this should be a really fun one, I saw some other zinesters and comiceers I know who will tabling, so Katie and I are filling up our bags and popping up to the lovely, cool lands of the northeast PA. I'll have Trapped Rabbit 2, the newer, sleeker Short Story Every Day book, What Not To Do (Advice Poetry), some Today Terrifics, a new book of poetry I've printed for a friend of mine (Andrew Chmielowiec), and tons of other things. I'm really looking forward to this event!

  • Bookbinding Workshop

    6-7:30 PM, May 22nd, 2012
    To Be Continued... Bookshop Boutique | Metuchen, NJ 08840

    This new and delightful bookstore has asked me to give a workshop on bookbinding! It could possibly be a few classes long, but for now, it is just this one. We'll be focusing on tools of the trade, and I'll be teaching how to make a few different types of zines and chapbooks, along with a few simple sewing strategies. It ought to be a lot of fun!

  • Guest Lecture/Teaching at Rowan

    October 18th and 25th, 2011
    Rowan University | Glassboro, NJ 08028

    My old professor and fantastic gent Bill Wolff invited me back to Rowan to teach his Writing, Research, and Technology class about bookbinding and self-publishing. The first day, the 18th, will be mostly a lecture about self-publishing, the business of selling your own wares, and Displaced Snail Publications. The second day, the 25th, will be a bookbinding workshop to teach the class about physical literature, and to help them along in developing their final, established, publishable works.

  • Metuchen Junebug Arts Festival

    Every Friday in June 2011
    Downtown Main Street | Metuchen, NJ 08840

    This lovely event run in the town next door features artists, authors, performers, musicians, and anyone creative for four hours a night, each Friday in June. It's a fantastic time, and this year I'm writing poetry on the spot for a buck. Come check it out, lots of new good items, like Short Story Every Day 40 story books, and new It Lies in States book covers. It's just a fun time.

  • Pete's Mini Zine Fest

    Saturday, May 28th, 2011
    Pete's Candy Shoppe
    709 Lorimer Street | Brooklyn, New York

    Expect. Everything. issues of Modicum. Dark Nature. It Lies in States. Come!

  • Rowan University Alumni Reading

    Thursday, April 14th, 2011
    Rowan University Art Gallery

    For whatever reason, they wanted me back to talk about myself, and read some work, alongside some of Rowan's other graduated finest. Come! Come! Listen to me spin yarns. I'll be reading from recent issues of Modicum, I may read Dark Nature in its entirety, and I'll do a few poems from It Lies in States as well. Come!

  • Philly Zine Fest

    Sunday, October 10st, 2010
    The Rotunda
    4014 Walnut Street | Philadelphia, PA

    YEEESSSSS!!!! This is my favorite zine fest I've been to so far, so I'm super excited to be going back. This should be an exciting year, there are always good people and good crowds in Philly, and I've got some great new zines to display. This year I'll be bringing: Animal Poems and Animal Colors, Wrenfield's Abominations, Alvessi's Orphans (A new ghost story!), Short Story Every Day, and a new collaborative project between myself and Katie Haegele! Woot! Be excited!

  • Back to School Fest

    Saturday, September 18th, 2010
    Savage Rock School
    7 S. Blackhorse Pike | Blackwood, NJ

    This should be an amazing event! A lot of fantastic South Jersey musicians/poets/performers! There will be a flea market, music all day, and admission just costs some school supplies for needy kids in Camden! If you come to one of my events this year, come to this one. Pretty please?

  • Pete's Mini Zine Fest

    Saturday, July 31st, 2010 | 3pm - 7pm
    Pete's Candy Store
    709 Lorimer Street | Brooklyn, NY

    This should be a nifty little sell! It's been quite awhile since the NJ zine fest, the last I attended, so this will be fun to get to. It's in NYC, so let's face it, we should all go. Isn't NYC fun?

  • Metuchen Junebug Arts Festival

    Every Friday in June 2010
    Downtown Main Street | Metuchen, NJ 08840

    This lovely event run in the town next door features artists, authors, performers, musicians, and anyone creative for four hours a night, each Friday in June. It's a fantastic time, I'm on the planning committee, and we're currently looking for more musicians and artists to be a part of this. More details to come as I get'em.

  • Whole Foods Rooftop Craft Show

    June 10, 2010, 5pm-8pm
    Whole Foods Roof top
    929 South Street | Philadelphia, PA 19147

    Featuring the finest in crafts and print by the upper middle central East coast tristate area artists, writers, and crafters, this event, taking place on the roof of a Whole Foods in Philly, should just be absolutely lovely! Pray for warm sunshine and warm attitudes, and come out and see an array of just beauty. Just. Beauty.

  • Music Poetry Show!

    April 17th, 2010, 7pm
    The Raconteur
    431 Main Street | Metuchen, NJ 08840

    Should be a wildly fun show! I'm performing, singing, reading, poeting, and talking, amidst the wonderful likes of The Squeegees, It Ends with G, Boy with Robot, Brian Gille, and Safe Travels! It should be a raucous night of fun music and fun people. It's also painfully free, so come and get it.

  • NJ Zine Fest

    April 11th, 2010, 12-5pm
    Ruth Dill Johnson Crockett Building
    162 Ryders Lane | New Brunswick, NJ 08901

    The second installment of my proverbial stomping grounds. NJ Zine Fest 2010 will see the newest issue of TT with Marguerite Dabaie, and maybe even an issue done by the illustrious wanderer Thomas Partyka. Regardless, you'll see everything I've done so far, in a beautiful display, along with a few copies of Candy or Medicine Issue 9 and Hello World Issue 1. Representing some fantastic people!

  • Richmond Zine Fest

    November 6th & 7th, 2009
    Gallery 5
    200 West Marshall Street | Richmond, VA 23235

    This two day venture will see everything I have accomplished so far, on sale in one convenient, and, from what I hear, beautiful gallery.

  • Philly Zine Fest

    September 20th, 2009
    The Rotunda
    4014 Walnut Street | Philadelphia, PA 19104

    I'm tabling here, selling some light crafts, Today Terrific Box and Pouch sets, and coloring books, Animal Poems and Animal Colors. You can see most of the stuff available at My Etsy

  • Tom Partyka Farewell Tour

    May 7th(ish), 2009
    Progressive Coffee House
    Glassboro, NJ 08028

    Great friend and ex-roommate of mine Tom Partyka played out often, and sometimes we mix, I opening for him, he opening for me, sometimes we'd intermix, poem, song, story, song, collaboration...we had a lot of fun. This was his farewell tour, retiring some old songs, and marking the last time either of us have played at Progressive Coffee House. Rumor has it there's a CD floating around with recordings from this event, but how to find them? Hmm?

  • Rutgers Zine Fest

    April 19, 2009
    Rutgers University | New Brunswick, NJ

    My first zine fest, I tabled with good friend and talented comic artist Mike Jasorka. We sold a zine he pioneered, HelloWorld, which I had contributed to. This was also the first time that people who weren't just friends at my university had a chance to get their hands on Today Terrific, and I haven't looked back yet. Fantastic event, can't wait to be there again.

  • Rowan Day 2009

    April 17, 2009
    Rowan University | Glassboro, NJ

    What a day this was! I participated in the Avant Magazine Open Mic, was asked to read during the Creative Writing Invitational Reading, and then read various poems and ended the entire event with a sea shanty during the ArtBash! Interdisciplinary Arts Festival. This marked one of my favorite days of readings, being able to participate and ham it up for literally hours a day.

  • Joseph Carlough at Progressive Coffee House

    March 7th, 2009
    Progressive Coffee House
    Glassboro, NJ

    This was a fantastic reading in a cozy coffeehouse to about 25 people. It was lovely and intimate and the good people at Progressive Coffee House have invited me back many times since. If you're in the area, stop by this place, it's great. Oh, and the link is from an article Rowan University student and dear friend Justin Davis wrote about the experience. It includes a great slideshow of snapshots from the event.

  • Joseph Carlough at Edison Public Library

    August 13, 2008
    Edison Public Library
    Edison, NJ

    My first major reading alone, I set this up at the local library. I got about 20 guests, varied from family members, old friends, and new faces. I read I Need a Bike and a large selection of poetry, and this marked the first time I was featured in a newspaper.

Joseph Carlough is a real sweet gentleman, who enjoys to write, but likes formatting and printing even more. He's putting out his own work since 2008. He'll format your book for you, for a nominal fee. What he likes even more, though, are collaborations - he'll rarely turn them down! He's won a few minor awards and had a few publications across the interweb and the real-live lifeweb, but who's interested in reading a long list of braggy achievements? Email him, he'll definitely email you back.

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